Differences of White Coffee & Kopi-O

Nov 14, 2016 | Article | 0 comments

Kopitiam (A traditional breakfast and coffee shop found in Southeast Asia) in Malaysia generally serves black coffee to the customers. You might somehow hear about white coffee from elsewhere, but what is white coffee actually? Some people might be thinking that white coffee should be white in colour, while black coffee should be in black. Unfortunately, these are not true as the main differences between the white coffee and the black coffee are the selection of the coffee beans and the roasting processes.

White coffee is made from high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and it is totally free from any impurities such as grain and corn starch derivatives. Arabica coffee beans are known as the highest quality coffee bean in the world, simply because of their better-tasting. Unfortunately, Arabica coffee plants are susceptible to pests and diseases, while at the same time, require lots of attention from farmers in term of their growing conditions and climate. Thus, with such delicate plants, the Arabica coffee prices are strongly correlated with their production.

On the other hand, the roasting processes of white coffee and kopi-o are totally different. Kopi-O is roasted with caramel at high temperature, making the black coffee taste bitter, sourly and charcoal flavour. Comparing to espresso, kopi-o looks darker and taste more viscous. Black coffee might as well contain high amount of caffeine and trans-fat, which could detrimental to our health. Meanwhile, the roasting of white coffee is carried out in a very traditional Nanyang roasting technique. White coffee is roasted with low temperature, which requires approximately 2.5 times of kopi-o roasting time. Unlike high temperature roasting, low temperature roasted coffee beans are free from bitter taste, charcoal flavour, trans-fat and having less than 10% of caffeine content. Looking at these benefits, why not start trying a cup of white coffee today while you could still enjoy the goodness of coffee without health worries.

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