Kee Hiong Sze Chuan Flavor Instant Noodle 奇香四川口味干撈面75g (Pack of 4)

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Szechuan cuisine is typically a very spicy type of Chinese food and is also known for being very flavorful. Many Szechuan dishes incorporate a lot of garlic and chilli peppers. Kee Hiong Sze Chuan Flavor Instant Noodle is made from 100% natural ingredients with No artificial colourings and preservatives.

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Product Description

The Origin of Sze Chuan Cuisine?

Szechuan cuisine  is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan Province. It has bold flavours, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavour of Sichuan pepper. The most unique and important spice in Sichuan cuisine is the Sichuan pepper (花椒; huājiāo; “flower pepper”). Sichuan peppercorn has an intense fragrant, citrus-like flavour and produces a “tingly-numbing”  sensation in the mouth. Other commonly used spices in Sichuan cuisine are garlicchili peppersginger and star anise.
The best known szechuan cuisine is mapo taofu.

四川菜是源自四川省的中国菜。它具有大胆的口味,特别是大蒜和辣椒的自由使用产生的刺激性和辛辣味,以及四川辣椒的独特风味。四川菜中最独特和最重要的香料是四川辣椒(花椒;huājiāo;“花椒”)。四川胡椒具有浓郁的香味,柑橘味,并在口中产生“刺痛”的感觉。四川菜的其他常用香料有大蒜,辣椒,生姜和八角茴香。 最着名的川菜是麻婆豆腐。

The Story of Kee Hiong

One of the founder of KEE HIONG, Mr Lee Rong Xing has learnt all the essence of the trade from his father. He further improved on the recipe of 7 types of traditional herbs by adding in another recipe he formulated. Thus, “Kee Hiong Bak KUtTeh”, the most authentic brand of Bah KutTeh in Malaysia was born.Kee Hiong Bah KutTeh made up of ten over types of herbs presents a unique flavor capturing gourmet’s hearts.

作为奇香的创始人之一,李荣兴先生从父亲那里学到了所有的交易精髓。他通过添加他配制的另一种配方,进一步改进了7种传统草药的配方。因此,“奇香肉骨茶”,马来西亚最正宗的肉骨茶品牌诞生了. 奇香肉骨茶由十种以上的草药组成,呈现出捕捉美食心的独特风味。


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