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Coffee Manufacturer in Klang & Distributor in Malaysia since 1949

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What We Do


Wholesalers & agents are always welcome to enquire on our whole range of products. Interested wholesalers or agents can get in touch with us for further enquiries.


We strive to provide consultation to coffeeshop’s owner based on their budget & requirement, by providing customization on the type of coffee powder to be used considering their customer taste & preferences. Interested coffeeshop’s owner can get in touch with us for further enquiries


Our coffee products are freshly roasted, packed and delivered to your doorstep by our own dedicated people or by our reputable courier service.

Who We Are

Coffee kiosk is an e-commerce platform that is use to introduce & promote the usage of Malaysian Liberica coffee beans. With over 50 years of coffee manufacturing & distributing experience in Malaysia, we strive to meet our objective soonest possible. We also strive to provide fresh gourmet homemade food & beverage, that are rarely available in the marketplace.

Liberica Coffee Beans | Coffee Manufacturer in Klang and Distributor in Malaysia since 1949

Our Liberica beans are obtained directly from estate in Malaysia.



Free delivery in Malaysia | Coffee Kiosk | Coffee Manufacturer and Supplier in Malaysia

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