Hainanese kopitiam in Klang – Choon Guan Kopitiam

Aug 18, 2017 | Video | 0 comments

It is not often that we can find a full Hainanese coffee shop that is truly Hainanese, from the owners, the food and the chefs. There is a 61-year old Hainanese kopitiam in Pandamaran, Klang that echoes with authenticity the moment you step in. This video explores a rare find, the Choon Guan Coffeshop in Pandamaran, and discovered that the current owner, Madam Foo ( popularly known as Ah Kiew) is a pure Hainanese with a history that traces back to China. Her father was a chef for a British Officer. After the British left he started this kopitiam in 1956 ,which she inherited since a young age. Indeed,she still personally cooks and prepares all the Hainanese servings here. Most striking are the authentic Hainanese styled servings. Hainanese kaya laiden toasts, half boiled eggs, Hainanese coffee from their house brand, and special rice balls served with spicy sauce. Another special feature is the way the teh tarik is made. Not with the usual “tarik”(pull out) from one glass to another but by hand with an egg beater to get all the foam. Head over to experience this authentic Hainanese ambiance.

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